Our staff is comprised of local artists who choose to hold their classes at Georgetown School of the Arts.  The classes are created by the instructors, not by the administrative office.  This ensures that the instructors are truly invested in teaching art and techniques in which they specialize.

Susan Jackson

Susan Jackson is the owner of Georgetown School of the Arts, Paint, Draw & More! and Masters & Mixers.  She lived in California for 12 years where she worked as an exhibit designer, a theatrical scenic designer, and a Walt Disney Imagineer.  Always knowing in her heart that she wanted to teach children, in 1990 Susan found her way to the front of the classroom at the Monart School for the Arts in Santa Monica, CA.  Upon returning to Connecticut, Susan has been arranging and teaching drawing/art classes throughout Fairfield County.  In 1994, Susan opened the Paint, Draw & More! Studio and along with teaching children and adult classes, has been teaching training workshops for teachers to use drawing in the classrooms of public schools.

In 2012 Susan began working with local artists to create Georgetown School of the Arts.  Located in an outbuilding behind a historic Greek Revival house, the studio is light and spacious, inspiring creativity by all.  Susan's art form is weaving and she has been offering weaving classes since 2011 in this beautiful space.

Steve Burke

Steve Burke writes “I was always interested in the mechanics of how things work and at the same time fascinated with sailing. In my 20’s I followed my heart to the mechanics of the internal combustion engine and earned a license in auto repair and maintenance from SAAB International. My second career was as a machinist at a small R+D firm where I gained experience working on interesting equipment, shaping and experimenting with a wide variety of materials. By then I had owned and restored several large classic wood boats and designed and marketed a “personal sized” land and ice sailboard. Soon after I began a home construction company specializing in design, restoration, additions and cabinetry. The inner satisfaction of designing and creating with wood has provided me with decades of rewards. Using my expertise in design, mechanics, machining, and woodworking I have now turned to teaching to share my experience with students who have similar interests to those I had as a child.”

Jo-Ann T. Claybourne

Jo-Ann T. Claybourne, a CT native, attended the School of Visual Arts in NY, NY where she expanded her experience in sketching, drawing, painting and mixed media. Jo-Ann is gifted with the vision to create exciting pieces of artwork using different media. She enjoys exploring her creativity to it's fullest, each time Jo-Ann creates a new piece she is driven to enhance her technique; using feathers, fabric, wood, dried flowers... The combination of vibrant colors and mixed media gives each piece of artwork a life of it's own. Her commitment to explore her heritage has won her not only regional acclaim but also the attention of national collectors. Jo-Ann is a long time member of the Past Draw & More team, every year bringing new and exciting ideas to the classroom.


Agata Tria

WOW! Welcomes Agata Tria to our WOW! HES programs! Agata is an accomplished and award-winning artist, exhibiting her soft pastels in the United States as well as Europe. Her style is mostly minimalistic nature portraits emphasizing color and composition. She loves to create in all kinds of mediums from acrylic/oils and pastels to glass, resins and wood. She has been interested in art since childhood and loved to make toys: stuffed animals, dolls, toy cars, blocks, and mechanical figurines. Agata has a very active life as a wife/mother/artist residing in Weston with her family and assorted pets (she’s also an animal lover!).




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